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The Meaning of Following Jesus Christ

December 18, 2012

1. Accepting Jesus is not about afraid of hell, and also, not about want to go to heaven. Heaven is a gift from Jesus for people who follow Him.

2. Accepting Jesus Christ is about aligning our self, back to the truth. The truth is:

a. We all sinners, in the beginning, all of us, must go to hell, if we do, even a simple sin in our heart, BUT with God’s Grace and love, He want to save us, by sent His Son to Die, to replace our role for suffering in Hell, so the sins itself will never again become a blocker between God and Us. It is about aligned back to the truth, God Himself, the real God.

b. Sins will bring death to our spirit and body, slowly but sure.

3. To trust Jesus Christ, we need faith. Faith is to trust something, even when you know just a little about it. So, trust by faith not by your eyes.

4. To Keep your faith in Jesus more stronger, you cannot be a loner christian, you must join Christian groups (usually you can search this groups in church, just ask people there), which will make you more intimate with Jesus. There, you will get one best thing, that you can ask many things about the Bible and all doctrines which make you confuse.

5. Never Create your own doctrines about Christianity and Jesus, It is better to ask many Christians about your doctrines, so you can make sure that it is “right”. As I know, Jesus wants us to have the right view about Him.

As I know, it is better to have simple, but right doctrine about Jesus, here is a few I know:

a. You must accept Jesus Christ as your God and your Savior.

b. Following 10 Commandments in your life, not by strict mean, but by step-by-step-understanding-transformation. Following what Jesus Wants, that’s the point.

c. Read the Bible everyday. Learn from people’s mistakes in the Bible, and become wise from it.

d. Have a private time everyday (1 hour), to pray about our daily “unknown” and inadvertent sins to Jesus, to asking for help and forgiveness. And also, a private time to make your faith more strong in Jesus.

e. Put Jesus as your number one, let Him lead you, trust Him even it is hard for the first time.

f. To follow Jesus, we must stay humble and have non assuming attitude. Just follow where He takes you, what He want you to speak to, spontaneously and intuitively. But takes time because communication with Jesus directly need to practice and something like that.

g. Communication with Jesus is REAL. Try to communicate with Jesus, just like sharing your deepest emotion and deepest grievance. He will listen and know. He respect us too if we want to respect Him.

h. Beware of New Age, Hindu, Philosophy, and another source of knowledge, the Bible itself can be twisted as easy as you want, even satanist can use Bible to improve their faith to Lucifer. Why? Because they just see the Bible as a book. As a Christian we also need to ask the Real Christian about what we think true. That’s why I suggest you to join Christian Groups, it helps a lot. The point is to test and prove what we think is right. Stay foolish stay hunger in Jesus.

i. Know more about what Jesus said to human, just by finding many testimonials, from websites and Youtube (but beware of misdirection videos).

j. Spread also Jesus Message to the world, before it is too late. Start to improving your family faith, then to your best friends, and finally, to all people in the world. May Jesus Help and Bless you always.


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