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Evil spirits list

December 9, 2012

Different types of Demonic Spirits and Strongholds and some of their manifestations:

Spirit of Bondage: (Rom. 8:15)
Anguish, bitterness, oppression, depression, enslaved or addicted to anything like Alcohol, sex, drugs or tobacco.

Spirit of Heaviness/Depression/Despair: (Isa. 61:3)
Lethargic, apathy, over sleeps, mourning, grief, sorrow, oppression, hopelessness, despair, suicide, thoughts of jumping in front of cars, trains, etc…, despondent, low self esteem, cutting oneself, hearing voices.

Lethargy Spirit:
Tired, restless, sleepy, uninterested in normal interests and activities, slothfulness.

Spirit of Infirmity: (Lk. 13:11)
Frailness, weakness, colds, flu, fevers, infection, sickness, allergies.

Spirit of Fear: (2 Tim. 1:7)
Torment, trembling, dread, phobias, fear of death, fear of insanity, suicide, nightmares, hypochondria, anxiety, panic attacks, see fear in eyes.

Spirit of Divination (Witchcraft/Satanism): (Deut. 18:10)
Horoscope, hypnotist, magician, palm reading, tarot cards, clairvoyant, false-religions, rebelliousness, manipulative, mandating, hatred for God.

Spirit of Lust: (Matt. 5:28)
Obsessed with sex, promiscuity, adultery, seduce, laughing, dirty mind, dirty joking, giggling, sticks tongue out.

Effeminate Spirit: (Rom. 1:27)
Gay, sexual perversions, lesbianism, homosexuality, bisexual, transvestite, gossip, jealous, anger, cleanliness, speaks with a lisp, feminine gestures.

Spirit of Sexual Perversion: (Isa. 19:14)
Lust, sexual perversions, lesbianism, homosexuality, bisexual, transvestite, adultery, pornography, prostitution, seduce, child abuse, rape, bestiality, sinister grin, obesity, dribbling, mumbling.

Spirit of Jealousy: (Num. 5:14)
Murder, anger,envy, rage, insecure, distrust, hate, suspicion, covetousness, competitive, anxiety, emulations.

Selfish/Stubborn Spirit:
Selfish, stubborn, critical, haughty, self righteous, prideful, unteachable, rebellious, controlling, constantly talks about oneself, won’t listen to others, lisp in speech.

Controlling Spirit:
Abusing others, mean, arrogant, selfish, haughty, pretentious, perfectionist, insecure, criticizes others words or actions.

Rebellious Spirit:
Rebellion against authority of any kind, disobedient, won’t listen, prideful, sassy, stubborn, witchcraft. The Bible speaks of Jezebel in Isa. 47 & Rev. 2:20.

Antichrist Spirit: (1John 4:3)
Against Jesus, hates God, evil, dominates, vanity, mandates, attacks, harassments, mean, nasty, haughty, arrogant, murder,con artists, craves worship, attention and power, evil grin.

Terrorizing Spirit:
Entice, abusing others, mean, haughty, pretentious, insecure, interrogation, believes one is better than everyone else, brings people under extreme scrutiny for their thoughts, words or actions.

Spirit of Anger: (Eph. 4:26)
Angry, mean, cruel, strong, fighting, temper, fits, rage, rape, child abuse, murder.

Insanity Spirit: (Mk. 5:3-5)
Insanity, fear of insanity, lunatic, mentally instable, cannibalism, smiles and laughs.

Destructive Spirit:
Critical of self, temper, suicidal, throws things, accidents, illness, this spirit can kill people.

Unclean Spirit: (Foul Spirit): (Mk. 5:8)
Anger, mean, uncleanness, some diseases like epilepsy, sickness, bad breath.

Deaf & Dumb Spirit: (Mk. 9:17)
Deaf, convulsions, mentally challenged, cannot speak.

Spirit of Python and Legion: (Lk. 8:30)
Wickedness, murder, deceptive, insanity, super-strength, seduce, hurts others, murder, death, people move and hiss like a snake.

Lying Spirit: (I Kings 22:23)
Lying, deception, delusion, exaggeration, flattery, profanity, hypocrisy, religious lies, seduce, vain.

Self-righteous Spirit:
Prideful, arrogant, selfish, critical, unteachable, pretentious, rigid, inflexible, legalism, correcting others, thinking that you are always right.

Tormenting Spirit: (1John 4:18)
Severe chronic pain, torture, pain that is undiagnosed and moves around body, fear of pain, hopelessness, suicide, smiles or laughs when others get hurt.

Spirit of Pride/Haughtiness: (Prov. 16:18)
Prideful, arrogant, scornful, mocking, bragging, stiff neck, gossip, egotistic, vanity, pretentious, snobbish, cocky, insolent smiling. The Bible calls this the King of Pride or Leviathan (Job 41).

Spirit of Beial: (1Sam. 2:12 & 2Cor. 6:15)
Wickedness, unworthiness, base, carnal independence, self-sufficiency, keep your from your godly destiny, cocky, arrogant and defiant.

Spirit of Blasphemy: (Matt. 26:74)
Cursing, swearing, profanity, obscene language, irreverence, reviling God, unable to worship God, gnashing of teeth, wrath.

A Familiar Spirit: (Lev. 20:6)
Spirit that only seems to be your friend, supernatural spirits that assist witches, a vice you are comfortable with, “the devil on your shoulder”

Spirit of Sorcery: (2Cron. 33:6)
Divination, spells, magic, witchcraft, making (illegal) drugs.

Transferring Spirits:
Any evil spirit that can transfer to you from some thing or person.

These are not all the spirits, just some of the most prevalent.


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