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The Truth will literally come to you, if you pray for it

December 3, 2012

Living in the world, you will get a lot of self-absorbed rubbish about following yourself, and how God (and Christ) are ‘fairy tales’.

I have good news for you.

You don’t need any proof; the Truth will literally come to you, if you pray for it.

It can be a long and frustrating road, but patience is key.

Pray daily-even a few times-for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to enter you. Pray for God to show you the path, and to show you what you can do to better serve Him.

Pray, and ask. You will be blown AWAY by the results, if you try hard to believe and focus on it. I’m not kidding; prayer has done AMAZING things in my life, that were undoubtedly a result of praying. Reach up to Him in your mind and heart and just talk to Him.

Scripture will slowly become more clear, and you will just… understand.

If you turn to random people-like random websites-or random videos, you will be at a constant risk of being led astray… chasing after fantasies, as opposed to the True path.

It really is an enigma, and difficult to line yourself up with God. This is why so many people give up and turn to the easier-to-do anti-God philosophies (science, void, etc… by the way, science is fine… as long as you realize that it IS God behind it). Don’t give up, and keep buried within you that secret little FACT that you know God is there, and that you TRUST Him to lead you to Him.

Pray in the name of Jesus Christ. You will come to understand Him in time… I certainly didn’t for YEARS, but when I really started to try… it… it just happened.

I could go on for hours, but I’ve certainly left enough here for the common atheist to pick apart… You’ll find that the more resistance, doubting and arguing you hear from them, that the closer you are to the Truth.

Many will try to divert and confuse you. This is where you step back, and rely on the simple fact that God is ALL, and comprised of LOVE. He won’t leave you hanging. In times it will appear that way, and your faith is likely being tested… but this life is SoooooOOOOo short compared to the True life beyond these human bodies.

Pray. Talk to Him. Ask Him to show you the Way. Then, work to believing and understanding that He CAN hear you, and will respond. Maybe not right away, and the more inclined you are to giving up or saying ‘fuck it’, the longer it might take, to make that leap in Faith all the sweeter. You’ll see.

Finally, understand that there’s a REASON so few are actually right, and in tune with God through His son. This is because it’s one hell of a rough road to get right. You’ll know you’re right when it’s not a ‘church’, or ‘video’ that tells you how it is, but that wonderful, subtle inner-voice of God Himself within you showing you the Way.

If you listen, and still your mind, you can probably begin hearing Him now. It’s a voice we as humans rarely WANT to follow, because our nature has devolved over time. We really are a selfish, gold hungry race. When He enters us, and rearranges things to allow the Holy Spirit to fit, that’s when our transformations begin. Small at first, and next thing you know you’ll be honestly seeking good things.

Don’t be afraid to read the Bible. There’s a TON of controversy over what was taken out, re-written, etc., but the simple fact remains that the testament of Jesus Christ is there, and what you need to find Him is still there.

I know I said finally awhile ago, but these are things to certainly consider if you want eternal life.

Some of New Agers wackiness is spot on-namely parts about this being a simulation of sorts, and a test. It is. Your life is very, very brief compared to what’s REALLY going on behind the curtain. Get it right while you’re here, that’s why you came in the first place.

Finally-for real this time-, be careful what you take to heart here at the world. Despite how this SOUNDS, there aren’t many around here who will lead you in the right direction, but if you’re praying, and inwardly seeking God, He will help you to see who they are. Once you’ve started, as it appears you have, be prepared for anything to try and divert or trick you. Consider that part of the test, and keep seeking God, through His Son, Jesus Christ.


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