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Spiritual “Prepper” Instructions

November 10, 2012

There are two and only two “kingdoms” people will spend eternity in. One is the kindgom of heaven, and the other is the kingdom of hell. We’ve had a taste of hell here on earth because it’s been under Satan’s jurisdiction since Adam and Eve sinned. That’s why life on earth has been so messed up, with so much suffering and death. But that kingdom is limited; Satan can only do so much, which is why anything good ever happens here. Satan has been getting people to blame God for what he and evil people have done, so that they’ll choose his kingdom. But once we leave this earth, there are no more chances to choose, no opportunities to change our minds. One purpose of this life has been to make that choice.

You have a very simple choice to make: choose which one of the two kingdoms you want to be a permanent citizen of. If you do nothing, you have made the “default” choice and will spend eternity in the kingdom of hell. But if you want to live in the kingdom of heaven, here is how:

— Believe that Jesus, who is God in the flesh (John 1:14, Col. 2:9), died for our sins and rose again.

— Reject all other gods and trust only Jesus to save you.

— Accept Jesus as your Savior only because you genuinely want to spend eternity with him as a child of God, not merely to escape hell.

Though it’s often helpful to yourself and others to say this out loud, it isn’t required. But just ask Jesus to save you and tell him you want to belong to God. And if you do, then understand that you can’t live your life after that without him; don’t plan on ignoring God or having no concern about what pleases or angers him. If he is your God and King, treat him like it. And don’t be a “fair-weather friend”; don’t ditch him the minute something goes wrong. He never said you’d be immediately taken to your new kingdom; you are still here for now, living in Satan’s kingdom, and bad things happen. But he gives everyone who accepts him a “down payment” (Eph. 1:11-14), the Holy Spirit, to live within them and guide them if they listen.

This is a free offer, but only available for a limited time. 😉


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