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November 10, 2012

There are two [yes, 2!] baptisms in the Word of God. The first one involves the use of water. The second one is described as “fire” or the infilling of the Holy Spirit. It is possible to get the second baptism before the first but the first baptism is not the same as the second. I will explain…

Baptism #1: When a person has been convicted of sin by the Holy Spirit they are given a desire to repent. Praise God, this person is finally on the way to eternal life. Sinners have failed God and themselves in many ways. Many times these moral failures were very public actions. Thus, to give glory to God the water baptism is a very public event. The person publicly turns away from sin and dedicates his or her life to Jesus Christ. They are sprinkled, or dunked, in water. The water is a symbol of the all encompassing mercy of God that washes away our sin. Through water baptism our sins are washed away and we are brand new creatures in Christ. We are born again. Jesus says that whoever acknowledges Me before men He will acknowledge before His father in heaven.

Baptism #2: After water baptism we are baptised in fire. Spirit filled people lay hands on you and pray that you will be filled with the Holy Spirit. This baptism gives you the power to walk as Jesus did. Through the baptism in the Holy Spirit YOU are given a special gift to build up the community for God’s glory. You may be given the gift to heal, or prophecy. You may be given the gift of tongues, or interpretation of tongues. You may be given a gift to perform miracles. There are many different gifts and the power to do these comes from the second baptism.

Many good christians have the first baptism but not the second. To make matters worse, many good preachers and churches don’t even believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They will say that you recieved everything during your water baptism. This is not true! Those who study the Scriptures understand that the infilling of the Holy Spirit is a separated event that must be prayed for just as water baptism was asked and prayed for. Do you have the power to perform miracles as Jesus did? I know in my life I did not experience this power until a dedicated, spirit filled christian layed hands on me and prayed just as it is found in Scripture. I recount this experience in my “Visions” web-page and so will not go into the whole story here. My main point is, however, not to let other people talk you out of this powerful experience – even by other well meaning christians. The experience still exists and it will be found by those who honestly seek it!

It is possible for a person to be drawn to church, ask for, and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit before their water baptism. It is rare but does sometimes happen. In such a case, after the baptism of “fire” the Holy Spirit will lead this person into a baptism of water. Either way is fine.

The disciples of Jesus were baptised in the “baptism of John” first. That is the water baptism. Then, after Jesus ascended into heaven he told them to wait in Jerusalem until their baptism of fire. On that day – the day of Pentacost – the Spirit came as a rushing wind and filled all who were gathered there to pray. THEN, they had the power to boldly proclaim Jesus as the Christ, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and perform various other miracles. The disciples needed more than just a water baptism to do this and so do you.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit still exists today. You show me a preacher who walks like Jesus walked – healing the sick and boldly proclaiming repentence from sin – and I’ll show you someone who has received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Again, do not be misled by well meaning people who may be in the ministry but have never received it. Preachers who have it can do so much more than preachers who don’t. I know that by person experience and by observation. Seek and you shall find!


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